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Back in the days before YouTube Japander was the go to site for weird Japanese commercials featuring American celebrities. Arnold’s were always the best.

Here is a pretty great Youtube comp of some of his hits.

I just did an interview for Japanese TV about this cheating video I made. If you don’t know what I am talking about watch this.

Japanese Zombie Nurses! →

A while ago I licensed all my Flickr images with a Creative Commons license and they always show up in the weirdest places…

Holy shit. How crazy are Japanese people?

This live hairy Shanghai crab vending machine keeps the crabs at 5° C, at which temperature the poor crustaceans go into hibernation. If you give it some money and it dispenses a dead crab, the machine’s owner will give you three free live crabs by way of compensation. The machine is in Nanjing, and represents a major push in the always-complex business of live-crab vending.

(Source: Boing Boing)

In Search of Adorable, as Hello Kitty Gets Closer to Goodbye →

You girls need to get to buying stupid asian cat shit again ASAP.  You don’t want to kill off Keroppi do you?

Sushi Cat →

It might just be really easy, but I am fucking amazing at Sushi Cat.