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Gated Community: The Incarceration of a Graffiti Writer →

My friend Mickael Broth was arrested for graffiti when we were both living in Richmond, VA. I remember the day his place happened and we were all crushed. There was a movie screening for a film by our friends Day By Day that night and there was a 5 minute segment in the movie with nothing but footage of Mike getting up. Everyone just watched it silently. It was a perfect memorial for “Refuse To Be Smart”.  All of a sudden the night switched from a movie premiere to a fund raiser for Mike’s legal fund.

Mickael Broth is now a well established fine artist still living in Richmond and he is working on a book that is a collection of the art and letters he wrote over the 10 months he served in jail. The book will also be a discusion of graffiti art and the other side of what happens to vandals when they don’t make it into art galleries like Banksy and Shepard Fairey.

He has a kickstarter like fundraiser up on United States Artists and he is more than half way there with 19 more days to go. I hope you can donate and help make his book a reality.

Also, just on a side note, acting as a getaway driver for Mike was the only time I ever ran from the cops and got away… It was a lot easier than I thought it would be…