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This song is track one on Love Me When I Am Gone: A Tribute To Ross Harman. It’s by a band called Schnitzel fronted by my friend Jim O’Brien. I think it is an amazing, amazing song…  Please donate to our Kickstarter to make this album a reality!

Style Weekly Reviews Ross Harman's Posthumous Album "Symphony". →

I haven’t blogged about Ross in a while, but I am not going to let anyone forget about him.  Read the review of “Symphony” in Richmond, VA’s Style Weekly and then download the album for free at

Harman often was as enthusiastic in person as he appeared onstage, which is why his recent suicide came as a shock to so many people in the community. In the days that followed the tragedy, Blanks compiled 17 of his friend’s solo songs into this new CD, available for download from the Gaskets’ website ( This is the second album released under Harman’s Ballpoint Pens moniker, and “Symphony” offers a collage of wounded pop songs, which build upon his work in the Gaskets.