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Pretty into Tumblr’s Pro April Fool’s joke. All my posts have top hats now! I hope I get to keep my top hats forever!

I Guess I'm Straight Edge? | NOISEY →

This Dan Ozzi article on Straight Edge is pretty perfect and a lot of how I feel about my semi-SXE lifestyle. 

When my friends started drinking at 12 I didn’t cause alcoholism runs in my family and my dad had some problems and my parents always stressed not drinking. It’s sort of weird thinking about it now but it seemed like a really long time from 12-14 when I would get made fun of for not drinking like my cooler tween friends. But when I was 14 I found out about Straight Edge. 

Minor Threat wrote songs about not drinking and doing drugs and having causal sex because you are fucking up your life and not getting interesting shit done. Finally I had a good reason that I didn’t drink. I found a way to be “cool” and not drink warm Budweiser that my friends had stolen from their parents. I was Straight Edge.

I was a punk kid and hated most hardcore so I mostly just hung out with punk kids that drank and did drugs and all that shit. It was a personal choice for me and most of my friends excepted it. It wasn’t until I was 18 and 19 and started listening to a lot more hardcore straight edge stuff and I started hanging out with more straight edge kids.

Turns out straight edge kids are fucking assholes. These guys almost all jocks that somehow made a wrong turn somewhere. Just total bros who just wanted to get into my face because I ate meat or hung out with kids who got fucked up all the time. I have no fucking clue what eating meat has to do with straight edge and I don’t know why the hell you need to tell other people to live their life. That shit was bullshit.

When I was 19 when I dropped the label straight edge because I didn’t want to be associated with those assholes. 

Somewhere along the line I got addicted to women and it certainly became a crutch in my life. I think that it’s honestly a real problem for me and I understand why casual sex was one of the original tenements of straight edge. For some reason no straight edge kids pay attention to that one… they replaced it with meat and Advil or some bullshit. 

Anyway, this is rambling and unorganized but I still have those same straight edge values that I had at 14 (except for the women thing, god dammit). I drink on rare occasions and I have tried a few drugs in my life and under the right situation I might do some more, but these things don’t control my life. They don’t fuck up my life.

To me straight edge should be about personal choice and it should be about moderation. And these bros that want to start a fight about it or bomb a McDonalds can go fuck themselves.


Got my road trip edit down to 950 Route 66 photos and 200 non-Route 66 photos. That is fucking insane. So much fun stuff coming to Tumblr next week…
I’ll get a few things up this weekend but I am going on vacation to recover from my vacation. 

Got my road trip edit down to 950 Route 66 photos and 200 non-Route 66 photos. That is fucking insane. So much fun stuff coming to Tumblr next week…

I’ll get a few things up this weekend but I am going on vacation to recover from my vacation. 

Film’s A Comin’!*

I dropped off 66 rolls of film from my road today and on Friday I get to pick them up assuming I can pay them $900 dollars to get them developed. 

The price of film and film development these days is absurd but I took it to a great place (Luster in NYC) and they will give me high res scans that I can turn into a zine and other rad things. I will be posting a ton of stuff on Tumblr as well so you guys can enjoy that. 

End of post.

*Keep in mind that apostrophe is not to express the possesive but to replace the letter “i” in Film Is A Coming which I realize is terrible grammar to begin with. 

I wish people would ask me more weird questions on Tumblr or send me hate mail or love letters or something. I need attention Tumblr!

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I don’t know why I never checked out the Driven By Boredom tag on Tumblr before… Glad to see at least some people on Tumblr give credit for photos…

Die Tumblr Die!

Tumblr is really making me want to kick babies at the moment. Why do you guys post such bullshit all the time? The things that get rebloged 10,000 times are always the most worthless garbage that was just stolen from someone else to begin with. Fucking create something you assholes.

The Miskha Bloglin was my 4000th Tumblr follower. I suport that.

What the fuck is a sissywiddle?

Send more hate mail.

Stop Calling Girls Sluts

I know this may sound funny coming from a promiscuous guy who makes a living taking photos of naked girls but to some degree I consider myself a feminist. In fact shooting girls has made me a bigger one. Having read the shitty comments and heard stories from girls who got tormented by people after having their pictures published on my site has made me so upset with all the puritanical assholes who think they have a right to say anything about what a girl wants to do with her own body.

Stop calling girls sluts.

Nudity and sexuality are awesome. I don’t know anyone who wants less sex in their lives and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t look at porn from time to time. So why the fuck would you ever criticize someone for giving that shit to you?

Guys guess what happens when you call a girl a slut? She becomes ashamed and embarrassed of her sexuality. Guess what happens then? Everyone gets less sex. How is that awesome? It is not. Fuck you.

Women calling women sluts is even worse. Even if you are in some sort of boring long term relationship with someone you love doesn’t mean you should judge someone else. And maybe one day you are going to do something that someone else would consider “slutty”.  Do you wan’t people calling you a whore just because you wanted to enjoy yourself.  No. So stop calling out other girls for having fun with their lives.

I have very mixed feelings about a site like Is Anyone Up. If you are hiding under a rock it’s a site started by my friend Hunter Moore where he posts naked photos of people that get submitted to his site. Most of these people do not want their photos published. It is fucking cruel and the comments are brutal. It’s just full off assholes calling girls sluts because they took some naked photos for someone they probably trusted at the time. It’s pretty clearly an evil site but I do see an upside.

Is Anyone Up pretty much proves that EVERYONE is sending nudes to everyone and hopefully people will start accepting the fact that being naked and having sexuality is not a horrible thing. People think their lives are ruined once their nudes get out there, and clearly it can have some real life consequences, but I think for most people it’s just embarrassing for a little bit and you move on. With a site like Is Anyone Up you see that you aren’t alone and maybe some of the stigma behind naked photos will start to disappear.

I want to see everyone naked. I want more nudity. I want more sex and you assholes are ruining it. Stop. Stop making fun of the way someone looks naked. No one should feel horrible about enjoying sex and no one should be ashamed of their own body.  Fuck you people.

Stop calling girls sluts.