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I don’t know if it’s cause I am so tired or what but I laughed out loud at this like four times.

I don’t care about Mickey Rooney in any real way but I enjoy this parody song discussion of his character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. 

I feel like my friends just keep getting weirder. New video from Purple Crush & Krames.

Watching hockey at 7:30am for the second day in a row. In celebration please enjoy this video of Onyx and 50 Cent playing hockey. 

Let’s take today’s holiday as a reminder to never forget Ned “The Head” Ryerson. 

I just noticed this documentary about me is on YouTube now. It has over 150k views on Vimeo so let’s get it a few more on YouTube. 

Congrats to Macklemore on his Grammys wins.


Just a small introduction…

Enjoy some more of my Miami Dolphins nerdiness. I introduce this Solo D video about the tailgate I am throwing Sunday. 

Art is bullshit. 

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