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I mentioned it in this post, but here is video of Gilbert Gottfried performing the classic (and unreasonably offensive) The Aristocrats joke at the Gathering of the Jugglalos. 

The joke killed. Nothing juggalos love more than incest and fisting jokes!

I keep telling people not to sleep on the new Onyx album. Old school New Yorkers are gonna dig this track about the Tunnel. 

RIP Tommy Ramone. I was just listening to his last Ramones album Rocket To Russia yesterday. 

Five Hour Energy is having a “Yummification” contest where you create tasty drinks using Five Hour Energy. Sadly my creation isn’t eligible… 

I’ve loved Spank Rock as a dude and as a musician for years but his new video Gully is all about the director Sean Maung. I have been a fan of this dudes work ever since I bought two of his zines the same day not knowing they were even by the same person. Follow his Tumblr.

Watch this video for Twin Vision’s “I Believe In Drugs”. This is how rock and roll should work.

Seriously have you checked out the new Road Strip with Charlotte Stokely yet?!

Seriously have you checked out the new Road Strip with Charlotte Stokely yet?!

There’s no reason to think that this Psy/Snoop video won’t be the most viewed YouTube video of all time.


My friend Sarah is the main naked lady in this wild Joywave video shot on 16mm. 

Wish she would shoot with me… 

It’s amazing how good of a photographer Nan Goldin is even when shooting something as insufferable as children. 


My brother edited a movie called Two Step. It’s one of the darker films I have ever seen. It’s fantastic and it finally has a trailer.